A/V Joy Power Conditioner

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Here is a pic of a couple of pre-production prototypes

The A/V Joy power conditioner is a fully passive filter circuit which pulls noise off the power line. Any hardware downstream is treated to a cleaner power (less noise - woot!). Your Audio and Video hardware will exhibit more detail and clarity.

Here is a testimonial from Tom G.     (More to follow . . . .)

Bigger isn't always better.

Hi, in the spirit of AA, let me say this: My name is Tom and I am an audiophile.

It took me a lot of years to save up enough money to put together a stereo system that I could really enjoy. It consists of Parasound Halo Pre-amp & Power-amp, cd player, Parasound digital audio converter, Velodyne MiniVee 8 powered subwoofer and some speakers that were designed and built by a friend who happens to be an audio engineer. These speakers, if you could find them at Dynaudio, would retail in the neighborhood of $7000 a pair. Did I forget to mention the Rega Planar turntable? By gosh, I did!

This system allows me to hear the hairs of a violin bow passing over the violin string. I was completely entranced and satisfied with this system. That is, until my friend Don sent me a prototype of his power conditioner called A/V Joy. I guess most USA households have issues with the electrical wiring which isn't immediately apparent. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about power conditioning devices until I plugged it in. The sound of the stereo improved by a large factor. It was like removing a plastic covering from a tv screen.

Keep in mind, the equipment I owned was a damn long sight from consumer grade stuff you would find at Best Buy. If you want to bring your audio listening experience into the stratosphere, you can't go wrong with the A/V Joy.

Designer's note:
This system has also been field tested on the following (so far)
  • Guitar amps
  • Bass amps
  • Electronic Keyboard in a studio
  • Overhead Page
  • Background music
  • Crappy surround sound
  • Killer surround sound
  • Crappy TVs
  • Killer TVs
  • Video recording hardware
  • Whole-Home Audio
  • The world's best patio system
  • Garage stereos!

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